I'd like something that isn't included in a monthly package. How can I get a custom order?

No problem! Monthly packages aren’t for everyone. Just get in touch via our contact form and we will respond within 24 hours. We love creating custom content like case studies, lead magnets, ebooks, lists, and any other content that will help people learn about your podcast. 

Where can I see examples of work you've created?

Here’s an example of an edited transcript, and here’s an example of an article based on a single episode. This is a case study created based on a few different past episodes of the same podcast. Our blog is also good place to look. 

Should I get articles or transcripts for my podcasts?

Edited transcripts are ideal for one-on-one interviews that are generally under 45 minutes in length. An article/blog post is a good option for shows that tend to run longer than an hour and usually offer tips and/or anecdotes. Articles can work well if there’s just one speaker or if there are more than two speakers. We’re happy to brainstorm and find a solution that works. Just complete the contact form.

Do you create social media content?

We’re hyperfocused on content marketing for podcasts, so we don’t offer graphics or shareable audio excerpts. We can create tweets and status updates based on the content we create for you. It isn’t part of your standard offering, so just ask about this if it’s something you’re interested in. 

How do I use repurposed episodes?

They can be used to complement an audio player on your podcast website and/or incorporated into your newsletter. It’s also great to use these as guest posts on other blogs and websites or they can be posted as an article on your LinkedIn profile. There are lots of possibilities and we are happy to help you brainstorm! 

If you’ve ever felt like you could be doing more to help people discover your podcast, we should chat.