You create a podcast. We amplify it.

Edited Q&A

We deliver a formatted Q&A based on transcription from your one-on-one interview. We clean up the word fillers and other stuff that doesn’t work in text, and you get a highly shareable piece of content. A full transcript doesn’t usually attracts readers, but this will. 

Articles/Blog Posts

Maybe you shared good tips on a solo-episode. Or perhaps you interviewed an expert who offered a five-step method that will intrigue your listeners. Our article will cover your episode with the attention it deserves — noting the most pertinent details and why they matter.

Show notes

Show notes offer listeners a guide to the parts of an episode that are most pertinent to them. We create robust show notes with your target audience in mind and link to any book, website, organization, article, or person referenced during the episode. We also provide episode takeaways as bullet points.

Custom content

Let’s say you’d like to give new podcast listeners an ebook or maybe you have the opportunity to contribute to a high-traffic website to market your show. We’ll help you create stand-out content like a case study or curated list — based on old episodes — that will deliver value for the audience.

Let us free up your time to focus on episode creation — the stuff you enjoy!

► Our professional writers take your audio episodes and optimize them for text to help your podcast gain traction and become even more discoverable.

► Podcasters like James Altucher and Jenna Kutcher already use content repurposing to help them stay in the top 50 on the Apple podcast charts.

We will turn your episode into a high-quality article or edited Q&A.