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4 Ways to Promote Your Podcast

An episode of the B2B Growth podcast, produced by Sweet Fish Media, offers four specific ideas for how B2B companies can promote their podcasts. B2B Growth Host Logan Lyles has some tips for podcast marketing that you can start implementing today.

Key Takeaways:

☑ Co-promote your podcast with other podcasts in your niche. Ask them to include a message or recording that mentions your podcast and you do the same for them on your show.
☑ Promote your podcast with email signatures. The average person sends more than 8,000 emails per year, so including a link to your podcast in the email signature can add a lot of visibility. Learn more about email signature marketing.
☑ Share your podcast interviews in LinkedIn status updates—they get more reach than a longform article. Don’t just tease the podcast, share some of the insights.
☑ Repurpose your interviews for email. You can include information from your best interviews in your email automation sequence—for onboarding emails or as part of a course you offer.

[01:53] The first way to promote your podcast is the idea of co-promotions.

[01:58] This is a no-cost, very easy way to get some more visibility to your podcast. Find other podcasts in your niche, connect with the hosts or producers of those shows and strike up a partnership with mutual mentions on each other’s show

[02:43] The second one is email signatures.

[03:13] Drift has an email signature tool. We use a tool called Sigstr.

[03:28] If you think about it, the average person sends 34 emails per day—so that’s 8,800+ times per year that people could come in contact with your podcast with email signatures.

[04:08] The third way to promote a podcast is through LinkedIn.

[04:36] Turn the audio content into status updates rather than long-form articles. They get more reach.

[04:54] Don’t tease the content. Share the substance in your status update.

[05:20] A fourth way to promote your podcast is through marketing automation sequences.

[05:45] Take that interview where one of your guests shared something of value and turn it into written content that fits your email automation sequence.

[06:19] Take that content, morph it for the email channel, and then there are a ton of ways that you can use it within your automation sequences.

These show notes are based on an episode of B2B Growth, a daily podcast for B2B executives.

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