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Give your podcast legs

Our writers take your audio and repurpose it into original blog posts and articles to optimize your hard work for text.

Turbocharge your SEO

Keyword-rich articles are highly shareable and help you get backlinks

Scale your marketing

Don’t wait for them to come to you – expand reach through a multi-channel approach

Build your brand

Add a distribution channel to reach more potential customers

Focus on your pod (not writing)

Has repurposing been on your to-do list forever, but you just haven’t found the time? Maybe you’ve even tried hiring a writer to do this, but didn’t get great results. Creating this type of content is time consuming and challenging. We do it for you, so you can:

Do the stuff you enjoy
Concentrate on new episodes
Grow your business
Work in your zone of genius

Become a publishing powerhouse

With your podcast as the content hub, we’ll turn your episodes into blog posts to help grow your audience.

Episode page

Add it directly to your podcast website for each new episode


Publish new blog posts based on fresh or archive episodes – it’s like SEO juice

Guest post or contributed content

Get in front of new audiences with high-quality content that links back to your podcast website

Let us do the hard work

We specialize in transforming podcasts into articles, blog posts and long-form text content to increase visibility.

Instant content marketing
Copy-and-paste ready
Optimized for text
High quality and professional

Content repurposing is a no-brainer for

top marketers & podcasters

How we work

Great content repurposing is an art


Laser-focused listening

We listen carefully to your podcast, taking notes on what is most interesting and noteworthy for your ideal audience.


Do the research

We look into anything from the episode that might need more context. Talking is different than writing and sometimes additional details are needed. We also care about the facts – no fake news here!


Time to write

Our writers craft a piece that is an accurate and fair depiction of your episode. We add a content marketing layer, which means we position it for who you’re trying to reach.


Proof and edit

Finally, we do thorough copyediting and structural editing to make sure your article flows well and delivers insight.


Ready for you!

You receive the completed in your personal dashboard. With headlines, subheadings, links and calls-to-action (when appropriate), the final product is copy-and-paste ready. We pride ourselves on delighting customers each and every time!

Will this work for my podcast?

Short answer: Yes.

Guest interviews

Conversations hosted by the founder or another company leader

Niche topics

Your show delivers specialized content to a specific audience

Lean team

You’re a startup or a growing business with lots to do beyond the podcast

Learn How We Help Foundersuite Turn Podcast Interviews into Hit Articles

We’ve helped Foundersuite, a software platform that has helped startups raise $2 billion+ in capital, add credibility ☑️ to its brand and increase podcast downloads 📈 by getting published in TechCrunch, Hackernoon and other major publications across the web.


Awesome article! Home run! It does a great job of getting to the meat of the interview and is an excellent complement to the podcast. Working with your team was an easy experience and took almost no effort on my part.

Jordan Harbinger,

The Jordan Harbinger Show

PodReacher did a fantastic job transforming a piece of audio into an engaging, high-quality written article! The team even added additional context and considered our goals for the content when determining the writing style and headlines. The end result was an article we could be proud of without needing much of our time at all. I would definitely trust PodReacher for more content in the future!

Erica Mandy,

The NewsWorthy

Jaclyn and PodReacher are incredibly talented and a pleasure to work with. The way they are able to transform podcast content into well-crafted blogs and articles to expand a show’s reach is simply masterful.

Mathew Passy,

The Podcast Consultant

The PodReacher team really understands podcasting. As the owner of a production company, I continually stress the importance of creating multiple layers of content, from the interviews we all do, to cast a wider net and attract a bigger community; PodReacher does exactly that, in a professional, well-executed manner. Hats off to PodReacher for helping me expand my reach.

Doug Sandler,

TurnKey Podcast Production


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I already create transcripts. How is this different?
Good question.

We specialize in transforming episodes into high-quality articles and blog posts. The final product is similar to the kind of thing you might see published in Inc. or Forbes (or something else depending on your preference). A writer listens to the full episode, then organizes and structures the information based on the most noteworthy points for your audience.

I'd like to use this for guest posts. Will you help me pitch them?
We focus exclusively on creating the content. We’re happy to help you think about how to find places to publish, but we don’t offer pitching or research services for article placement.
Can you turn my episodes into an ebook?
Yes. We find this works best for customers we’ve worked with for at least a few months (because we know the content well and can make informed suggestions). Please get in touch through the contact form to explore.
If I give you a transcript, can I get a break on the cost?
We appreciate it when you share your transcripts with us, but it won’t affect pricing.

Transcripts are a tiny portion of our overall costs. Our pricing includes a writer listening to your full episode to glean details that wouldn’t be evident from just reading the transcript, drafting the blog post based on your episode, and then editing. Everything we send out is professionally proofed and copy-edited. We want to ensure the highest quality possible for you and don’t take shortcuts when it comes to understanding and positioning your content.

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