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We help marketing teams repurpose recordings into high-quality blog posts, white papers, ebooks, and more.

We have transformed 3,000+ recordings for a range of B2B companies.

3X the value of each recording

Our writers take your audio and repurpose it into marketing content to help you grow.

Turbocharge your SEO

Keyword-rich articles are highly shareable and help you get backlinks

Scale your content production

Reach your audience through a multi-channel approach

Build your brand

Get visibility and cultivate connection with more potential customers

Become a publishing powerhouse

With recorded content at the center of your content strategy, we’ll help you quickly develop content assets based on work you’ve already done.  

Episode page

Stand out with unique podcast website pages for each new episode

Blog content

Extend the life of recordings while keeping your blog fresh

Guest post or contributed content

Get in front of new audiences and expand your thought leadership

Repurposing ≠ regurgitation

While transcripts are an important repurposing tool, we are not a transcription service.

We have a unique and proven process for transforming recorded content into written sales & marketing content that adds value —  and doesn’t simply rehash previous work. 

Will content transformation work for you?

Guest interviews

Podcast conversations hosted by the founder or another company leader

Niche topics

The content delivers specialized information to a well-defined audience


Conversations go deep in the weeds on a sophisticated topic

Learn How We Help Foundersuite Turn Podcast Interviews into Hit Articles


Content transformation helped add credibility ☑️ to the software company’s brand and increased podcast downloads 📈.


Our INSIDE Inside Sales podcast doesn’t look and feel like everyone else’s. That’s by design. There’s just too much noise in the podcast space. We needed writers who understood this, who could intimately connect with our audience, and who could repurpose our episodes while preserving, and even expanding upon, our unique voice. Candidly, that’s one hell of a difficult task.
PodReacher hit a home run on day one. We were, admittedly, shocked. Since then, in our effort to see just how talented they truly are and how far we can push them, we’ve sent them all sorts of stuff — webinars, videos, etc —  to turn into industry-best content for our sales funnel. And they never disappoint. They truly are a B2B marketing team’s secret weapon.

Darryl Praill
Chief Revenue Officer

I know I may be a little biased as the host of the show, but I truly felt like the content we were putting out there was pure gold, full of really insightful tips and tactics that could help growing startups raise capital. It couldn’t stay siloed. We began working with PodReacher less than a year after the podcast got started and it was immediately like night and day from where we began. The written content created by PodReacher is probably much more powerful and effective at generating results than the audio podcast itself. People love the podcast, but from a pure marketing perspective, the articles have much more of an impact.

Nathan Beckord
Chief Executive Officer

We appreciate working with PodReacher to turn audio content into full-length featured articles. The team has a unique ability to find industry-specific writers that can help pinpoint the best content from a podcast episode. When you combine effective writing, industry knowledge and a strong understanding of podcasts, you get articles that never require editing and are ready to publish. It’s a massive time saver.

Tristan Pelligrino

The PodReacher team really understands podcasting. As the owner of a production company, I continually stress the importance of creating multiple layers of content, from the interviews we all do, to cast a wider net and attract a bigger community; PodReacher does exactly that, in a professional, well-executed manner. Hats off to PodReacher for helping me expand my reach.

Doug Sandler
TurnKey Podcast Production

Meet the Leadership Team

Kira Hinkle

Managing Editor

Lover of Trello.

Amanda Jackson

Writer & Associate Editor

Kangaroo hype woman.

Audrey Mast

Senior Writer & Editor

Professional cat lady.

Kaitlyn Moore

Editorial Administrator


Jaclyn Schiff

Founder & CEO

Black licorice advocate.


I already create transcripts. How is this different?

Good question.

The final product is similar to the kind of thing you might see published in Inc. or Forbes (or something else depending on your preference). A writer listens to the full episode, then organizes and structures the information based on the most noteworthy points for your audience.

I'd like to use this for guest posts. Will you help me pitch them?
We focus exclusively on creating the content. We’re happy to help you think about how to find places to publish, but we don’t offer pitching or research services for article placement.
Can you turn my episodes into an ebook?
Yes. We find this works best for customers we’ve worked with for at least a few months (because we know the content well and can make informed suggestions). Please get in touch through the contact form to explore.
If I give you a transcript, can I get a break on the cost?
We appreciate it when you share your transcripts with us, but it won’t affect pricing.

Transcripts are a tiny portion of our overall costs. Our pricing includes a writer listening to your full episode to glean details that wouldn’t be evident from just reading the transcript, drafting the blog post based on your episode, and then editing. Everything we send out is professionally proofed and copy-edited. We want to ensure the highest quality possible for you and don’t take shortcuts when it comes to understanding and positioning your content.

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