PodReacher Writer Application

We’re seeking skilled writers to craft podcast show notes and articles based on podcast episodes, webinars and other recordings.

We work in a range of industries, including: legal, marketing, tech and government contracting.

The role: PodReacher writers create show notes to summarize, highlight and preview a podcast episode. Articles/blog posts are more substantial pieces of content that convey the major points from the episode in a journalistic way (check out some examples).

A lot of the content we work with can get deep “in the weeds” on a given subject. We pride ourselves on creating content that is nuanced and smart. Even if you aren’t an expert in the subject matter, you need to be resourceful enough to figure out how best to convey things to the intended audience.

A gig with room to grow: Most writers start out with show notes assignments and take on article assignments after 2-3 months. While we’re always interested in growing our team, we aim to nurture and reward writers who consistently do great work.

We love to promote from within. All our senior writers and most of the editing team started out as writers and now work with us on a retainer basis.

All qualified writers may apply for the role, but we find writers with 2-5 years of professional writing experience tend to find this most rewarding!

We are especially interested in hearing from writers who can write about software development, cloud computing, marketing, healthcare and sales for seasoned audiences.

The benefits:

Focus on writing, not on client management – We minimize your interaction with the client (no messy processes, pointless meetings or unclear expectations) so that you can focus on the writing.

Clearly defined and predictable assignments – No guessing or trying to read anyone’s mind. The scope of work will be clearly defined, and you won’t need to do any additional interviews or major research.

Remote – Work from anywhere and on your own schedule.

To apply, please complete the application form below.