If you’re making an effort to create any type of recorded content, then repurposing it is an absolute no-brainer.

If you’re creating webinars highlighting unique use cases for your product, or delivering a presentation that details the problem your company solves, content repurposing is the most efficient way to distribute those ideas to different audiences.

That’s because the nature of recorded content (webinar, podcast episode, virtual conference presentation, panel discussion) captures the tone and personality of a message. You get to hear the passion. You witness the conviction. Ultimately, that is your differentiator and your competitive advantage.

Transforming that content from a recording into a written piece that captures the attention of the people who need to know about you isn’t easy or quick. But the right content repurposing process can help scale your blog content.

And it doesn’t end there.

A webinar can become a white paper. A customer strategy call can become a two-page resource. Or your CEO’s podcast guest interview can become an opinion piece for a media outlet. There are lots of possibilities.

To get you thinking about how you might get more from your recordings, here are 10 examples of B2B content transformations:

Podcast interview ➡️ blog post
Panel discussion ➡️ 1,800-word article
Podcast episode ➡️ SEO blog post
Internal podcast ➡️ blog series
Podcast guest interview ➡️ media article
Webinar excerpt ➡️ article
Conference presentation ➡️ 3,500-word white paper
Customer webinar ➡️ customer success story
Solo podcast episode ➡️ thought leadership article
YouTube videos ➡️ blog resource

1. How AllTrails Leveraged Product-Channel Fit To Scale Its Subscription App [RevenueCat]

Content transformation details: The blog post is based on an episode of Sub Club, RevenueCat’s podcast about best practices for scaling an app. The post is published on RevenueCat’s blog and is distinct from podcast episode pages (which live on a podcast website).

2. How Data Is Transforming the SMB Lending Landscape [Enigma]

Content transformation details: The article is based on a panel discussion from a virtual conference discussion with three panelists.

3. Why Good Change Projects Fail: ‘Critical Connectors’ Might Be Key [Gtmhub]

Content transformation details: The search-optimized post is based on an episode of Gtmhub’s Dreams With Deadlines podcast.

4. Storytelling is Serious Business for Businesses Serious About Reaching Goals [Wiss & Company]

Content transformation details: The article is based on an episode of For Your EARS Only, a 10-episode podcast series created exclusively for Wiss clients. Each episode was transformed into an article for the accounting firm’s blog.

5. Should You Host or Should You Guest? [Interview Valet]

Content transformation details: This piece is based on an episode of the Leveraging Thought Leadership podcast. It was developed for the podcast guest and published in the Podcast Business Journal.

6. How Contextual Mobility Management Helps Reduce Distracted Driving Risks [TRUCE]

Content transformation details: The article was developed from an executive’s presentation, which was delivered during a webinar with other presenters.

7. Next-Generation Warehouse Automation Means AI-Enabled Software (and Tech-Enabled People) [Accelogix]

Content transformation details: This is a white paper based on a 20-minute presentation. It includes some additional research to build out the content.

8. Unifying a Decentralized Campus with AI Technology [Ocelot]

Content transformation details: The customer story is based on a recorded four-person discussion about the implementation of AI chatbots at one institution.

9. Why Every Speaker Should Start a Podcast [Podcast Liftoff]

Content transformation details: The blog post was developed from a 28-minute solo podcast episode designed for speakers interested in starting a podcast.

10. Kajabi Review: How This All-in-One Tool Can Help You Save $2,000+ Per Year [Lane Sebring]

Content transformation details: This piece sources information from three different YouTube videos. The combination makes for a unique, search-optimized resource. 

That’s all, folks!

You made it to the end of the list. Good work! Next, take a look at 10 examples of different repurposed article formats based on podcast episodes and other types of recorded content.