Pulling together a thoughtful white paper sounds like a mammoth task. But it doesn’t need to be.

You probably have most of the content for at least one white paper locked in a recent webinar.

Transforming webinars into white papers is a terrific way to get additional ROI from your recorded content.

Instead of identifying a white paper topic, doing research, creating an outline, finding a writer, explaining the idea, fielding questions, or facilitating interview requests… you could simply make a selection from your recorded content library.

A well-planned webinar contains approximately 65% to 75% of what could eventually become your white paper. This is part of what makes it an ideal form of content to outsource.

A skilled writing partner will recognize that additional research is required to ensure spoken ideas from the webinar are well articulated as words on the page or screen. For example, more detail is often required when describing certain concepts or processes referenced for a minute or two in a webinar presentation.

There’s more to making this work, but at a high level, that’s how you’d go about turning a webinar into a white paper or an ebook.

Here are a few examples of webinars we’ve transformed into B2B white papers and ebooks.

White Paper

1. “Confidence in a Comprehensive Strategy: Why Test Automation Accelerates”

Our partner: Cycle Labs is a software and services company dedicated to modernizing enterprise solution deployment and lowering risk through test automation.

What we did: Based on a 45-minute webinar with two presenters, we helped Cycle Labs turn a partner webinar into a 3,900+ word white paper with five sections and an executive summary.

White Paper

2. “ML For Enterprise: Experts Describe How To Unlock the Power of AI For Your Organization”

Our partner: InfiniaML applies machine learning to knowledge work. The company’s intelligent document processing platform reads and comprehends key information from legal records, medical protocols, insurance claims, and more.

What we did: This one is an outlier since it’s not based on a webinar. Instead, we took a series of 12 interviews (recorded during LinkedIn Live sessions) and distilled the major insights into a 4,000-word white paper about how AI can be used to solve business problems.


3. “Ask or Engage?: Best Practices For the Future of Fundraising in Higher Education”

Our partner: VanillaSoft, a sales engagement platform, helps sales development teams engage over 15,000,000 contacts every month.

What we did: Developed from an engaging webinar in which the invited guests participated in a moderated debate, our team transformed the recording into a 2,500-word ebook with six sections.

White Paper

4. “The Definitive Guide to AI- and Automation-Powered Detection and Response”

Our partner: LogicHub delivers automation-driven detection and response solutions. Its managed detection and response (MDR) service is built on the LogicHub XDR/SOAR platform, which can be leveraged as a service or deployed as an independently managed platform.

What we did: To create this 3,600-word white paper, our team reviewed a 40-minute webinar delivered by LogicHub’s CMO and CEO. The white paper shows how the company’s platform offers a solution for overwhelmed Security Operations Centers.

White Paper

5. “Next-Generation Warehouse Automation Means AI-Enabled Software (And Tech-Enabled People)”

Our partner: Accelogix is a leading provider of consulting, implementation, and development services for software-based warehouse automation solutions.

What we did: This white paper is based on a webinar presentation. Though the recording was just 20 minutes long, it was packed with information, making it easy to write up approximately 3,500 words along with noteworthy quote excerpts.

That’s all, folks!

Next, take a look at 10 examples of different repurposed article formats based on podcast episodes and other types of recorded content.